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POWER LUNCH 4 X 4 - Most Powerful Lunch @ 9.50

Time Constrains, Confusion on selecting Menu, Budget Issues......... Our Power lunch will cater all types of cuisines within 10 Dollar.        No strings attached, No Surcharge, No Minimum and less waiting time to get served.....

South Indian, North Indian, Indo Chinese, Oriental, Diet Freak, Foodie...... All Audience QUICK MEAL.

How 4 by 4 power Lunch works - Choose any one from four and order - Vegetarian, Vegan, Meat Lover - SAME PRICE.

* Minimum 10 Pax Required.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 20.36.39.png
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Curry Option_prev_ui.png
Starter Option_prev_ui.png
Dessert Option_prev_ui.png
Veg Spring Rolls
Lolipop Chicken
Malai Kabab
Tandoori Chicken
Plain / Butter Naan
Veg / ChickenBriyani
Veg / Chicken Fried Rice
Veg / Chicken Noodle
Chicken Tikka Masala
Mix Veg Curry
Dal Makhani
Chicken Curry 
Pastry of the Day

Gulab Jamoon
Rasa Malai
Carrot Halwa

* Lunch Only - Dinner Bookings with a minimum commitment of 6 Pax. MONDAY - FRIDAY ONLY.

BOOK 4X4 Power Lunch in advance 

12OZ Soda FREE - If you Pre-Book before 11 AM by Calling - 518-250-5670 | 518-892-7575 | WHATSAPP BOOKING - 917-574-2455

4X4 Power Lunch Confirmed
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